How FitnessPTO works

Training clients since 1993 has enabled me create a training system that is efficient, motivating, and which will help you achieve the best results you can!  Effective training is similar to going on a trip.  You need a starting point.  From there, you chose your destination.  Once you know where you want to go, you map out the route to get to there as efficiently as possible. It is also important that you plan for your meals along the way.  All of this makes for a successful and rewarding trip!

With FitnessPTO, it’s much the same.  Your starting point is your initial Fitness Assessment that will tell you where you are at the start of your training regime. The program will identify your areas of improvements and will help you set your goals (destination). This is simply what you want to accomplish.  The next step FitnessPTO will help you create your “map”, or in fitness terms, your personalized training program.  Finally we will create your meal plan to get results in the most efficient way possible.  The Point System will help and evaluate your progress and make necessary suggestions allowing you to achieve maximum results, efficiently!

By Florin Olteanu
FithessPTO – Fitness and Nutritional Consultant


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