Burning Calories

healthydiet1The main thing we have to know is that our muscle tissue burns 90% of the calories we consume, so it seems logical that if we have more muscle, we burn more calories. Also, taking in a higher amount of calories than the calories we burn, will result in weight gain in the form of fat by converting these excess calories into fat.
We are a society of excesses! We are not only eating too much, we are eating too much of the wrong things. A few years back the biggest diets ever promoted were “Low Protein – High Carbohydrate Diets”, than “Low Fat – No Fat Diets”. What people did not realize is that all these diets were loaded with sugar and starches such as white flour products, white rice, potatoes, and as a result people got heavier, gaining an average of eight to ten pounds per person in the form of fat. People were less healthy with more medical problems, such as heart problems, diabetes, hormonal imbalances and others.
Our meals got larger, filled with a higher number of calories while the quality of foods decreased.

By Florin Olteanu, Certified Nutritionist/FitnessPTO

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